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After working with GreyCastle Security we have a better understanding of where our risks are and how we can continue to manage them.

Joel R., COO, Healthcare Analytics Provider, Albany, NY

We've had a very positive experience working with GreyCastle. They worked well with our team and provided a good baseline for improving our security posture.

Richard D., Director of Information Technology, Regional Medical Center, Manchester, CT

Working with GreyCastle has been great. They helped us prepare for auditors, meet strict compliance deadlines and secure our patients.

Chris B., CIO, Healthcare System, Longview, TX

We will definitely continue to use GreyCastle in the future to manage all our security risks.

Kevin L., CIO, State University, Hamilton, NY

Working with GreyCastle Security has been excellent. They have great subject matter experts that were very helpful and responsive to our cybersecurity needs.

John A., CFO, Global Retailer, Albany, NY

Regardless of how consumer behaviors and digital payment capabilities change, we feel like we'll be ready from a security perspective -- and we have GreyCastle to thank for that.

Roy S., Director, Online Retailer, Albany, NY

We needed to define and enforce cybersecurity policies for all of our employees. Cybersecurity awareness is about accountability, and GreyCastle has taught us how to train employees in a fun and interactive way that makes the point, and helps employees remember it.

Roy S., Director, National Retailer, Albany, NY

They've been a tremendous partner that has brought skills in-house that we simply didn't have. GreyCastle never loses focus: They don't get distracted, and the expertise they provide gives us a peace-of-mind that's hard to put a price on.

Roy S., Director, Publically Traded Retailer, Albany, NY

Since working with GreyCastle Security, not only have we become compliant, but we've also set ourselves up for a competitive advantage for gaining future clients. We now have the ability to make ourselves and our customers feel secure.

Don W., CIO, National Retailer, Schenectady, NY

They [GreyCastle Security] offered and provided a very robust variety of services that catered to our every need from both a cybersecurity and business perspective.

Mark C., CEO, Public Utility, Albany, NY

Prior to working with GreyCastle, we were in pretty rough shape. They were able to get us ready for compliance deadlines and avoid regulatory penalties.

Brad M., Information Technology Administrator, Federal Credit Union, Schenectady, NY

GreyCastle Security has a great reputation in the area and it was the logical place to turn when we realized we needed to buckle down on our security.

Joseph S., Partner, Law Firm, Albany, NY

GreyCastle Security helped us identify areas for improvement within our people, process and technology and because of that we were able to make our environment much more secure.

Matt M., Director, Government Agency, Albany, NY

While there are no guarantees when it comes to cybersecurity, GreyCastle has helped provide us with piece of mind and reassure us that we're headed in the right direction.

Kevin B., Director, Consulting Agency, Buffalo, NY

GreyCastle Security was able to meet our security needs and provide tremendous value, all while staying within our budget.

Joe H., CEO, National Manufacturer, Latham, NY

They've helped us identify our vulnerabilities and provided the resources needed to manage them. We worked with a great team and will continue to do so in the future.

Andy P., IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, National Media, Newington, CT

GreyCastle Security has been a good consultant to work with. They're very timely, good at reporting and are able to present our security issues and solutions in a practical manner that's easy for us to understand.

Scott T., IT Manager, National Insurance Company, Towson, MD

It's been great working with the GreyCastle Security team. They're intelligent about security, but also personable and engaging. They didn't just 'check boxes', they actually secured our organization as a whole.

Nosa B., CEO, Technology Provider, Jackson, MS

GreyCastle Security helped us navigate through a complex Risk Assessment that we simply couldn't have done ourselves.

Martin B., ISO, Fortune 500 Manufacturer, Detroit, MI

Working with GreyCastle Security has been a very positive experience. The Risk Assessment that was conducted allowed us to measure our progress year after year and their Awareness Training was extremely effective with our employees based on phishing attacks that occurred afterwards.

Chris B., CIO, Healthcare Provider, Torrington, CT

I have worked with GreyCastle Security in a variety of different contexts. Without exception, I have found GreyCastle staff to be responsive, easy to work with and highly capable.

Kurt B., Partner, Legal Office, Albany, NY

In a complicated world where cyber threats are a boardroom topic, it is refreshing to see an organization like GreyCastle Security take a pragmatic approach in helping organizations. They are the niche player that brings real-world solutions, unique to each company. GreyCastle is a trusted partner in advancing my security program to 'best in class' and understand how to balance the need to protect the organization while running the business.

Martin B., VP and CSO, Technology Company, North Canton, OH

The team from Greycastle was tremendous to work with; they led us through the entire process, leveraging their expertise to help improve the security of our application.

Randall J., Principal, Application and Mobile Development Company, Warwick, RI

GreyCastle Security is always a pleasure to work with. They are professional, responsive, and, most importantly, they routinely exhibit security expertise. We consider them a critical long-term partner.

Director of Privacy and Security, Health Information Exchange, Albany, NY

Our interaction with GreyCastle was such a positive and educational project we are now actively engaging with GreyCastle on a monthly basis to continue to improve our systems and processes across the entire enterprise.

John N., Director of Information Systems, Manufacturer, Latham, NY

GreyCastle is great to work with. They have a strong understanding not only of our security challenges, but the compliance ones we face as well. We will definitely use their services again.

Christine J., IT Manager, Hospital System, Johnstown, NY

After working with GreyCastle we have a better understanding of where we are and where we're headed. We're able to manage our risks and ensure the security of our students, staff and college as a whole.

Emily H., Information Security Officer, Private College, Poughkeepsie, NY

The instructor was able to keep our attention and bring across the points very clearly. I would recommend him for instruction anytime you need to keep the attention of the audience for 'dry' material.

Awareness Training Student, Private College, Schenectady, NY

Their security experts and engineers were very knowledgeable and understood our concerns. We couldn't have picked a better cybersecurity company to work with.

Jean C., Administrator, State Financial Agency, Albany, NY

GreyCastle Security was very easy to work with, they were extremely accessible, they were very detailed, and showed a strong willingness to answer any questions we had.

Director of Privacy and Security, Health Information Exchange, Albany, NY

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