As March quickly rolled into action, I like many of my Northeast neighbors was hoping Staten Island Chuck was right – i.e. that we’d see an early Spring. Then reality set in. Which brings us to Stella.  Meteorologists are now calling for over a foot of snow to hit the Northeast region starting Monday night and lasting until Read More »
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The advent of Europay | Mastercard | Visa (EMV) cards in North America has caused a whole bunch of confusion regarding the security of credit and debit card transactions. The ability to further secure a transaction with encryption, PINs and other controls has reduced risk for some transactions, but Read More »
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The NFL’s biggest game – and one of the largest sporting events on the planet – is just days away, offering millions the chance to be entertained for a few hours. Fans will be glued to their television sets to experience the drama, the competition and the showmanship. Will they Read More »
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Higher education has been a constant target for cybercriminals in the past few years. According to some estimates, higher education accounts for 17 percent of all data breaches where personal information has been stolen. Most recently, in 2016 higher education had become the second most targeted sector in the United Read More »
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Saturday, January 28 marks Data Privacy Day, an effort to create awareness surrounding the protection of personal information.  Although the Internet has become less and less private, Protected Health Information (PHI) is still worth a LOT.  To be specific, a single record is worth up to about $500, according to Read More »
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